Official IE Media T-Shirt 2023

The most expensive t-shirt ever sold online.

Only 1000 of these unique t-shirts will ever exist.

They’re very special and yours will be unique to you.

Each shirt is secretly coded ensuring 100% authenticity.

Buying a $25 t-shirt doesn’t turn heads anymore. Nobody cares.

Buying a $650 IE t-shirt coded to you proving its authenticity will.

Who buys a custom t-shirt for $650. You. Why? Because most can’t.

Truth. I’m not looking for customers. I’m looking for benefactors.

What else comes with the most expensive t-shirt online?

Custom Encoded IE T-shirt + IE Benefactor Status

That’s already far too much for just one soul.

XX S, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Black – Gray – Olive

* No, you cannot have the non-V neck style. Seriously?

Welcome to the IE Media family! 🙂